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Elegant Imagery is known worldwide as consummate wedding photographers. As experts in the wedding industry, it was an honor to be chosen to educate brides in what they need to look for in their photographer and their wedding album. You do not want to miss out on this informative episode! Sit back and watch the famous Colin Cowie with Elegant Imagery....there will be several more episodes aired throughout the year. You can also view Elegant Imagery 24/7 on Get Married.


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We receive testimonials from all of our brides, all the time. However, this one in particular brought tears to my eyes and really touched my heart! This is truly what inspires us to be the very best for all of our brides. This proves a point that you only need one competant photographer. I am very honored and proud to have come from such a long family line of artists such as famous painters, musicians, photographers, and actors. It is the best thing in the world for me to share my talent and receive these amazing words in return.
"The pictures you did were the most breathtaking, beautiful, clear, colorful, artistic shots I have ever seen!!! Everyone's been talking about them! I really didn't think I could "feel" like I was at the wedding again. I am so touched Victoria. I have never seen anything like the thought and creativity you gave to my pictures. I will be ABSOLUTELY writing you a testimonial on the paperwork I send back. (unless you can use this. :) ) and I can't thank you enough for putting the time and care into them. I smile every time I think about them! Please let me know which cover you recommend for the magazine album. I'll do whatever you think is best. I'll have my 40 shots to you by the end of this week and I think my mom may be adding some pages to her album. Thank you again Victoria for everything you did. Please keep me in the loop with things. (don't get rid of me just because i'm married) :) b/c i want you to do my kids, my family, my friends' weddings and more! You are awesome! there must be a thousand photographers in tampa and no one thought i could get good quality from my "hometown" and your pictures blow THEM ALL away. 2-weeks ago i went to a wedding that had 5 photographers there! 5! and everyone thought that is was such hot shit like having papparazzi. well, i'll tell you what, those pictures were NOTHING compared to yours! just because they came in like a team of professionals doesn't mean they got the job done. even my friend who just went to $100,000 wedding in New York City said that my pictures were SO MUCH better! you're such an artist! you're amazing!
Love, Lindsey and Chad"
Here are some of Lindsey and Chad's amazing pictures from her fabulous wedding!!

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