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Elegant Imagery is known worldwide as consummate wedding photographers. As experts in the wedding industry, it was an honor to be chosen to educate brides in what they need to look for in their photographer and their wedding album. You do not want to miss out on this informative episode! Sit back and watch the famous Colin Cowie with Elegant Imagery....there will be several more episodes aired throughout the year. You can also view Elegant Imagery 24/7 on Get Married.


I'm a Fan boy

On Sunday, January 25th, Elegant Imagery was super excited when asked to photograph a soon-to-be star. The morning started when twenty year old "Goku" walked into Studio 222 salon in Viera, with his personal reality tv camera man close behind. Goku entered with high hopes to make the final touches to his superhero persona of the main character from the anime cartoon Dragon Ball-Z, which helped him acquire the role in an upcoming episode. Due to privacy reasons, we cannot disclose the name of the show until it airs. Throughout the day, Elegant Imagery was lucky enough to get to know the actual story behind Goku's passion for his character. He enlightened everyone with his stories and fascinated us with his antics, all while having his hair dyed black and styled up quite extreme by Sandy Darling and Danny Day. After numerous cans of hairspray, Goku's transformation was complete and he pulled off his street clothes to reveal his superhero costume underneath. Amazingly enough, Goku's hair remained secure as he walked around on his hands and posed for a few photographs. We would like to thank Goku for including us on this phenomenal day!
Danny Day starting Goku's tranformation.
Goku meditating under the hair dryer!
Sandy Darling and Danny Day working on the finishing touches of Goku's hair.
The final result!
The character comes to life!


Tara + Steve's Wedding

Steve and Tara's wedding was held at The Lange Farm in Dade City, FL. Tara's attention to detail was impeccable!

Tara + Craig's E-Session

Tara and Craig were so much fun to photograph! Since Tara is also an artist, our secret locations were perfect for the couple.

Melissa + Eric's E-Session

We are so excited to photograph Melissa and Eric's wedding in Miami this April!

Susan + Jason's Wedding

Susan and Jason's wedding was held at the Radisson Oceanfront in Melbourne. Here is a sneak peek of their fabulous pictures!

Jennifer + Kenneth's E-Session

Jennifer and Kenneth were so much fun to photograph! We went to a bunch of our secret hot-spots and cannot wait for their wedding in March.


Ashley + Joe's E-Session

We can't wait for Ashley and Joe's wedding next month! This is a very VIP couple...due to privacy concerns we cannot disclose any further information until after the wedding. It will be well worth the wait for all of our loyal blog readers! Elegant Imagery is extremely excited and words cannot explain!


Stefani + Michael's E-Session

Here is a sneak peek of Stefani and Michael's rockin E-Session! Their wedding will be at the House of Refuge this spring and we are so excited!!

April + Michael's Wedding

Elegant Imagery loves going to the Porcher House for weddings!

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